Tips, tactics, and strategies for Homescapes

Homescapes includes a similar match-3 puzzle to Gardenscapes, and mastering them is able to require learning a couple of handy hints, tricks, and advices. Produced by Playrix Games, Homescapes follows Austin that the Butler from Gardenscapes as he pays a visit to his parent’s home.

To be able to straighten things up, you will want to play a variety of match-3 puzzle games so as to help Austin remodel and revive his parent’s home.

Homescapes – Tips, Tricks, and Advices

Save Moves

It is important when playing the match-3 puzzle games in Homescapes to save moves. In the beginning, it may seem like you’ve got more moves than you want to clean the board. This may be true, nevertheless, saving moves has added benefits apart from providing you wiggle room if you make a mistake.

For each move you’ve left over after completing a level in Homescape, you will receive a unique piece on the puzzle board. Typically, these special pieces will reveal themselves to be Rockets. However, on rare occasions, you are going to end up with Bombs. If you are fortunate enough to make Bombs, they set off an explosion that will award you plenty of bonus coins. With coins becoming extremely vital in Homescapes, you will want to save as many moves as you can!

Additionally, should you want to carpet an area, you can use a Paper Plane and it’s going aim an uncarpeted area. Paper Planes are among the best boosters to use in Homescapes due to how versatile they are.

Keep an eye out for combos – like most match 3 matches, Homescapes rewards players using boosters when they combine over three objects of the same type together. In Homescapes we are introduced to several standard combos that will yield a wonderful powerup that is able to help you clear far more objects simultaneously. The basic boosters are as follows:

Create Paper Planes

Another key to the match-3 puzzle match games in Homescapes centers around the act of producing Paper Planes. To make a Paper Plane, you’ll need to fit four pieces in a square or vessel formation. Together with your Paper Plane made, you can use it in order to clear a piece or perhaps break a wrapped bit for free.

Paper Airplane – unite four objects at a square to create a Paper plane. A paper plane will clean four objects around in a cross shape and fly into a random spot on the board and clear a difficult thing (ex: chains, jelly, etc..)

Rocket – This booster appears when you combine any four objects. A rocket will then clear a full row or column of objects, depending which direction the rocket is confronting.

Bomb – you receive these when you combine 5 or more objects at an intersecting point. A bomb will clean all the objects surrounding for three squares deep.

Disco ball – fit in a row to get this booster. Switch the disco ball with another object and it will clear every object of the kind on the board.

Attempt to get complicated combos – sometimes you will have a few boosters near one another. Rather than deploying each individually, try to unite them together for a much more dramatic booster kind. For instance, by mixing a plane and a bomb, you receive a booster that clears the normal airplane space but clears a bomb size space where the plane flies into.

Consider before you click on – there are a great deal of times as you are enjoying that you might make a paper plane or some other booster. Think about if it is useful to you at the time or at its existing position. Otherwise, hold off.

Prioritize targets – the higher levels of Homescapes can be really challenging and if you are not prioritizing properly, there are some levels that can be nearly impossible to beat. When you’ve got a flat with combined targets ( ex: apparent 15 boxes, 10 reddish objects and 6 green items ), clearing the huge obstacles should take priority over clearing specific items. For instance, if you’ve got some items that are in chains, clearing those chained items ought to take priority over getting all the blue objects you want. Since you work to clean the chained things, there’s a good chance you are going to be clearing lots of the colored things you need at the same moment. If you avoid big obstacles like boxes, chained things or jello blocks till the end, you will have a very hard time getting past a level.

Utilize Coins Wisely – in my experience, it is a bad idea to use your coins to keep a level unless you have really been fighting with it and know you can beat it within a few more turns. For exactly the same 900 coins spent on providing yourself 5 more moved, you’ll have five more hearts of health. This is a much better investment of your coins, in my opinion.

Maximize Your Rockets

In addition to Paper Planes, Rockets can be a handy booster for completing puzzle games in Homescapes. Rockets work by clearing rows and/or columns. Additionally, they can be a lifesaver on carpeting amounts. During these amounts, you are tasked with covering the entire puzzle board with carpet. To do this, you want to match pieces already on the carpet so as to disperse it.

These amounts can consume your moves. Fortunately, Rockets can be used to breeze through carpet levels since they spread carpet regardless of where the Rockets are located. Attempt to maximize your Rockets using them to pay tucked away regions where it is harder to clean rows and columns. Don’t waste your own Rockets. Rather, find out where they create the biggest difference and use them to your advantage!

The Power of the Rainbow Ball

While Rockets and Paper Planes are excellent, nothing can get you through the match-3 matches in Homescapes like the Rainbow Ball. To make a Rainbow Ball, just match five tiles in a row or column. Together with your Rainbow Ball, you are able to remove every tile on the board that matches the colour you swap your Rainbow Ball with.

All in all, the Rainbow Ball can be among the best ways to make it through a match-3 game using as little moves as possible. Create a Rainbow Ball and pair it with this particular tile kind to finish the puzzle quickly. Pay attention to the board, and if the chance to make a Rainbow Ball presents itself, snatch it up!

Earn More Coins

There are a number of methods you are able to make coins in Homescapes. Naturally, completing match-3 puzzle games and having leftover moves is a great way to rack up coins. But, there are other ways to increase your coin income. One way is by completing out the day. After completing a day’s worth of jobs in Homescapes, you are going to rake in tens of thousands of coins.

As such, you are going to want to strive towards completing the afternoon before you have a quick Homescapes break. You can even earn 1,000 bonus coins by connecting Homescapes to your Facebook account, thus providing you the capability to play with your friends. Additionally, make certain to login every day and play the game to make coin bonuses. The more coins you get, the easier it’ll be to swap furniture, purchase Boosters, and progress through Homescapes.

There you have it, a look at some hints, stunts, homescapes cheats that can help you air flow through the match-3 puzzle games through Homescapes. Let us all know down at the comments below!